Do You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Your Passion?
Aug. 26, 2021

Cullen Boswell (The Moto Lens)

Cullen Boswell has had a passion for motocross since a young kid growing up in Georgia but it wasn't until a recent injury that he picked up a camera and found a new passion, melding his love for the sport with photography and videography, freezing...

Cullen Boswell has had a passion for motocross since a young kid growing up in Georgia but it wasn't until a recent injury that he picked up a camera and found a new passion, melding his love for the sport with photography and videography, freezing those action moments in time. If you live in Arizona and ride ACP, you've definitely seen him out-perfecting his craft. For only a year's worth of experience, he's got some of the cleanest photos in the state, and no doubt is on his way to establishing himself as a main player in the game. Enjoy this episode as I talk to Cullen about the recent nationals, photography, who influenced him, what inspired him into action, and what is the motivation that keeps him going.


Doug Parsons  0:33  
Welcome, everyone to P 23. podcast. I'm your host, Doug Parsons. I created this show to share stories of those who found their true calling, with three simple questions. What influenced you and your passion? What inspired you into action? And what is the motivation that keeps you going? When the valleys are long in deepest struggle and the peaks are short lived? What does it look like to eat, sleep and breathe your passion? And my guest today is Colin Boswell. You might know him as the modal lens on Instagram. If you right ACP, you definitely seen him out perfecting his craft. He's got some of the cleanest photos in Arizona. Everyone. Welcome Colin Boswell to the show. Thanks for doing this. Thanks for being patient. Sorry. Getting on here. Yeah, COVID kind of kicked my ass but stoked to finally get this together. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Good to get john.

Cullen Boswell  1:31  
On Glad to be here. I've been wanting to do a podcast for a minute. What do you think of the race? Did it was it was Roxanne kind of shocked me how I just ran off with it as you'd like he did. But and then APS loop out was I've ever seen in my life.

Doug Parsons  1:50  
That just shows how much power those bikes have that if you just get off balance a little bit. Right?

Cullen Boswell  1:56  
Yeah, like I've seen like the villopoto one from MX GP. Or he just like his bike just hooked up all of a sudden. Like that one. Like the rebound is shooting and backup. I've never seen something like that. I get that level at least

Doug Parsons  2:10  
those hurt too. If you ever looped out and got a stinger on your ass.

Cullen Boswell  2:15  
Yeah. Devin light goes on 60s. So I wasn't near that speed that they were going

Doug Parsons  2:20  
right? I looped out on the start at Ponca City one time just brand new gear bike stickers first practice and pulling a wheelie down the start thinking I'm badass and I looped out and just slid through the grass. Man, it happens to the best of us. What do you think of the track?

Cullen Boswell  2:39  
And it doesn't look like as rough as I think I've seen it in years past and then that what's it called? Like the booter that they always throw lips over. some reason did not look as big as what it did in years past like no dues are stolen huge whips off of it really. Like sky shot table.

Doug Parsons  2:57  
That track just watching it gives me arm pump. Especially when the 250 guys right I'm just like, man, I feel extra tired. Just watching it. I couldn't imagine that tracks pretty. Pretty damn rough too. Yeah, it didn't look as rough as it normally did. But for sure I would hate to I'd never liked riding the Nationals for that Pure Reason the tracks were just always hammered.

Cullen Boswell  3:22  
How they look so and the intensity those guys push it out like with it being as rough as it is like I can't fathom even being in that kind of shape. I know why riding riding a bike that hard and even

Doug Parsons  3:34  
I know and those guys get after a two especially Roxon. He's so strong all the way throughout the Moto. Especially like his starts his starting game. I think he's holeshot at almost Orban top three and every single moto.

Cullen Boswell  3:49  
Yeah, he's always up there and his eye he never looks like he's really riding hard either. No, like even yesterday, even though he was walking away from everyone. He looked like he was just cruising and like his technique sight, so simple and like, toned in. And like he never put the leg down in corners hardly like dishes on it when he's on it.

Doug Parsons  4:07  
He has massive blazing fast corner speed. Yeah, it's insane. It's crazy. He, especially after his injuries. You can kind of tell his writing style changes a little bit with his arms. But man, he still is so strong. And he rails those corners so fast.

Cullen Boswell  4:28  
Now, I think I think after his injuries, he kind of knows where his limit is. And he you don't really see him push beyond that. So like when he's in his zone. That's kind of the max for him. If someone's got him beat that day, he didn't really push it outside of his own

Doug Parsons  4:42  
right? Yeah, it's pretty intense. What do you think about all the different guys like one weekend it'll be rocks in like, out of nowhere. He went one one. And then one week it'll be toe Mac and then one week its friend is Francis has been killing it. What do you think about all the you know The different no one's really getting on a run. It's changing every week.

Cullen Boswell  5:05  
I think is a fan. This makes it more fun because you know, I hit eat any days could be any winner seems like the 250s. Remember like in Supercross when Dungey like every single weekend, you're like he's gonna win or not when he's gonna be second or third, like the consistency. I think when switching winners every weekend, it makes it a lot more interesting.

Doug Parsons  5:24  
Definitely. Especially with jet Lawrence coming back taking the overall I didn't really see that coming. He'll be super fast one weekend and then the next weekend. He'll still be top five. Usually Cooper's always up there, but he seems to not be able to put it together for two motos.

Cullen Boswell  5:42  
I think Cooper he was struggling starts for a little bit now he's gonna start down I think, but he just can't seem to get at least the second moto down. Or if he gets a funky exhaust himself maybe in the first mode I don't know what it is but second moto he seems to slump back somewhat.

Doug Parsons  5:57  
Right? That crash out wash. Google was pretty gnarly going up the uphill.

Cullen Boswell  6:02  
Yeah, that was if I don't know if you saw the video of like Jeremy going right beforehand, but he almost did the same exact thing. Like he kind of like g doubt and the bike kick sideways, but then it strained back up and then Cooper went right behind them hit the same spot and then took him for a ride off of the fence.

Doug Parsons  6:16  
I wonder if it was because of all the shadows. He couldn't see. Like that. Whatever he hit

Cullen Boswell  6:22  
pretty sure. And then I think there's some like hard edges and then the G out no many bosses land in that spot all day long. Right. And he just did the whiskey throttle.

Doug Parsons  6:31  
Yeah. Why she wiggles deceiving too, because it looks like the dirt is really good, but it's actually really slippery. And then with all those shadows, man, it's it's sometimes it's scary that I raced there once or twice and it was gnarly.

Cullen Boswell  6:45  
Hey, like even on the 100 Lauren's went down. Even in the video, I still couldn't see where he slid out x. It's just in a dark shadow. You just see him come around the corner is back and just kept going. And I couldn't see exactly what even hit.

Doug Parsons  6:56  
I didn't see it. That's crazy. You getting some of those back straightaways. And those back turns where it's all those shadows. All I'm thinking about is don't catch a run in like wash out the front end. Yeah, just stab the knee into the ground and blow out the toenail.

Cullen Boswell  7:14  
Yeah, it really makes me wonder how much are those guys actually seeing or like, especially at their speed they're going or if they're just like, I'm gonna hold it. And just hope I get through this section for 30 straight minutes.

Doug Parsons  7:25  
I would imagine it's something like that, where you're just, it's like a night race. You don't really see as much, but you still pin it just as much. What's up with forkner? Do you know? He hasn't been in the headlines at all.

Cullen Boswell  7:41  
I he posted a video. Like, two weeks ago or so of him. I get rayners placed on webs. And some dude commented and said, Uh, I don't want to misquote it, but he's like, ever since he got that girl, or ever since he had that drama with that girl. Things just haven't been the same. We'll never see a top three guy again. And then foreigners dad commented and just said true. Oh, everyone was like replying to that they're like, really, really? Like, is that what you think? I like that. So do know.

Doug Parsons  8:12  
Yeah, that's, that's been talked about several times that sometimes getting a hot girlfriend at that age with that ride isn't the best. best decision. I wonder. It sounds like something's going on. That's a bummer cuz he's blazing fast.

Cullen Boswell  8:29  
I don't I just can't seem to stay off the ground recently. Like, I'll be looking out for him and I'll see my route so the top 10 ought to start. Yeah. And then I'll do like a cut to him in the pit like his head on this handlebar. So I'm just like, this dude cannot keep it off the ground.

Doug Parsons  8:42  
Hopefully he figures it out because he's got mad talent.

Cullen Boswell  8:45  
Yeah, he's a contender for Supercross. For sure. He can get it together for Supercross.

Doug Parsons  8:50  
Yeah, I loved watching him in Supercross because he was so fast and rise with that like extra bit of like confidence in that, you know, a little bit of flair, whatever that is that some of those guys have.

Cullen Boswell  9:03  
Yeah, he's just kind of he's kind of like jet where they just kind of make it exciting. Like when you see those rivalries or like that cockiness kind of come in, it makes makes a lot more entertaining when you get in the main event these days are banging bars together, for sure.

Doug Parsons  9:16  
I wish they would run Supercross year round. I've always I've always said it would be dope to have like 32 rounds of Supercross.

Cullen Boswell  9:24  
That'd be so insane. It makes me for some good reason. Now, I just wonder how safe the tracks would be. Because those days a lot of struggle make it through life and what those 16 or 17 rounds we have, right? I know, by the time we get to 32nd one via

Doug Parsons  9:38  
the infield. I know they got to try some new stuff and figure out this track thing because so many people, you know, there's the side that wants to checks to be technical to separate everyone. And then there's the side that wants to check to be safer to keep the guys healthy throughout the whole season. And it's like I don't ever really see them making a vow. effort to try to walk that line for both sides. You know, it's like, I don't know, what could they do differently? Coming from freestyle, what I know that made our courses better was making the landings bigger. The bigger the landings, the bigger the takeoffs. The safer it was because you had more of a good chance of landing safely with a bigger landing. And when you have a bigger landing, you can make the takeoffs just a little bit bigger. So that way, you have more time in the air. It's not so much of a sharp pop into the takeoff. And I think they should do that with Supercross. Like try to build some of the landings bigger. And that will, in turn make everything a lot safer.

Cullen Boswell  10:48  
Yeah, there's a lot of those sections that were really like, no forgiveness, like if you make a mistake, especially the speed they're going there's just like, you're going OTB or off the track, right?

Isn't it?

Yeah, in like the Atlanta rounds that they had this year with the tracks like two miles long. So get up cross national track. I mean, that's just in the speed. Those guys are going is next level, like dangerous for some of those doings. Yeah.

Doug Parsons  11:13  
Especially with Supercross suspension when you're like racing across a straightaway that has like motorcross braking bumps and square edges. And then you're hitting it with your Supercross suspension and you just praying to God, you don't swap out.

Cullen Boswell  11:26  
Yeah. And they all of a sudden they had like, it was just, I mean, they're basically basically made the national track with super steep whoops. Yeah. So Supercross off schools. Yeah,

Doug Parsons  11:37  
I know. It's pretty crazy. That was pretty cool, though. trying something different like that. I like, I like that. They were, you know, trying new things. The pandemic was good for Supercross. I thought in the sense that we got more rounds during the week. I thought that was really cool. But it looks like they're going back to the regular schedule next year.

Cullen Boswell  11:57  
I wish they kept racing twice a week, I guess maybe something to look forward to in the middle of the week.

Doug Parsons  12:01  
I know. Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Friday and Saturday have been racing. That was definitely a plus for fans.

Cullen Boswell  12:10  
Yeah. And that keeps I mean, it keeps all those guys still riding like they're not really taking time off. Right. All those guys are staying warm pretty much and you're riding their normal days, man the week

Doug Parsons  12:19  
is AZ back on the schedule Supercross?

Cullen Boswell  12:22  
I think so. I think I saw one round coming here.

Doug Parsons  12:26  
That's cool when they were trying to figure out where to have all the final races. And I heard Arizona was in contention. I thought that would have been badass to have like seven rounds out here in AZ but then they went to Utah. Still is pretty cool.

Cullen Boswell  12:40  
Yeah. When I said the AC when I was I was already on Ticketmaster. I was like, Yeah, all five rounds for that are all seven rounds for this. But once it went to Utah, I was like, well, Lisa will race twice a week.

Doug Parsons  12:52  
Yeah. That's pretty badass. What do you think about the 450 series and frand is leading the points. He think he can put it together for the rest of the year? Yeah, I

Cullen Boswell  13:02  
think that you just got to figure it out. I don't know what it is. But I don't know if it's coming from Supercross or like what but the dude just hit him. He has a 450 dial villains got him on something. Deuces, like, on his own level? Pretty much. Yeah, they

Doug Parsons  13:18  
start racing for sure has those 450s and the 250s dialed in. I heard that they shaved off like 10 pounds of weight. Like while they were building their 450 team and working on the bike, they somehow shave off 10 pounds off the bike. That's crazy.

Cullen Boswell  13:36  
And they don't know what stars got going on. I don't know how they're paying all the writers. But they have somehow built an insane by and all that ever. Everyone that writes for them seems that I like automatically improve their results. Right?

Doug Parsons  13:50  
The 250 guys are solid. They're I mean pro circuit in Geico used to kind of be the the main, the main staple riders and now it's pretty much Yamaha. They're crushing it. I think for sure you're right that Francis has definitely got a lot of momentum and confidence going. But I also think there's something maybe him being a French writer and growing up moto in the GP series that really like cemented his strong mindset and his good bike technique in racing.

Cullen Boswell  14:24  
Yeah, I think I mean, I think all those mhcp dudes have somewhat of an advantage because they just I mean, they raised pretty much every type of terrain in different countries. And he's already been on for 50 hasn't he? Like he did that and they mixed up series? I'm not sure are the only 250s

Doug Parsons  14:39  
I don't know I would think 250 for sure. But I don't know if he did I don't think he didn't forfeit these. He might have

Cullen Boswell  14:46  
Yeah, I think I all that track experience he had. It's just same with Roxanne and Lou scan. Like all those dudes. They just have a leg up on it seems like almost

Doug Parsons  14:56  
Yeah, for sure. Definitely gives them an advantage. What do Think about the Lawrence brothers, they they came from that gap background.

Cullen Boswell  15:03  
And Hunter is really starting to come around now. I think he'll be one of the like the long run guys that you'll see, the longer he stays in it that you'll probably see him come around to win the championship eventually, definitely, Jet was like the hot guy that came in like fast and he had like all the stuffs around them and got Redbull and like all this stuff, and then I think Hunter is gonna be the sleeper eventually, like he'll come through later,

Doug Parsons  15:27  
right? I didn't know he was struggling with like his body health and stuff. When he was on the whiskey throttle. Shona was talking about how he was eating all this organic stuff, and, you know, trying to really hone in on his diet, but it was actually causing more harm because he was allergic to some of the stuff and, and then also with his injuries. I didn't realize he had so many injuries in a row. Kind of what really set you back.

Cullen Boswell  15:53  
Yeah, he seemed like he had like a bunch of setbacks kind of coming through. And then I don't know, he's just he's, he's taken a while, but I think he's figured out his program. And like now, I think you're seeing it like, starting to come come through in the nationals. He's almost top five every single weekend.

Doug Parsons  16:09  
Right? He's strong. He's, I wasn't expecting him to be as strong as he is. But it's really starting to come together every race. That's got to be so awesome to to be on factory Honda, which is could be the best bike. It might be right up there with the Yamaha star racing bike, but then also to have Johnny Almera as your riding coach, that's got to be so bad as

Cullen Boswell  16:36  
Oh, yeah, I those days definitely have like, a whole like a bunch of support in their corner and a lot of good people backing them like they have they have all the pieces they just put together pretty much

Doug Parsons  16:46  
they have the complete package. You cannot go wrong with their setup. Yeah, they

Cullen Boswell  16:51  
got the whole Honda team, like catered around them. They got Johnny Oh, you got it all pretty much.

Doug Parsons  16:57  
Yeah, it's pretty bad SD think Jett might be a good contender to win the 250 title this year.

Cullen Boswell  17:04  
Yeah, he just has to stay consistent. That's like his biggest thing. I he's almost like Cooper. We're like he'll have one lackluster moto. Or maybe he hits the ground once and then it's always like either one's consistent one's not. He never he never really see him go head to head hardly like, one gets a bad start or one goes down and then the other one runs off with it.

Doug Parsons  17:23  
Yeah, that's nuts. What is the points difference? Is it close?

Cullen Boswell  17:27  
I think it's getting closer now after yesterday. Right? I didn't I didn't see the total point this afterwards.

Doug Parsons  17:33  
is a Jeremy Martin right up there too. Is it those three?

Cullen Boswell  17:37  
I think Jerry Martin sneaking back up a little bit after those past two weekends where he got the overalls.

Doug Parsons  17:42  
When you're watching these races and stuff. Are you looking at it through the lens of a camera?

Cullen Boswell  17:49  
Sometimes I do. Yeah. I mean, like I talked to a bunch of those dudes that are out there, like filming or taking photos. And so I guys see all their stuff. And I'm just like, how those dudes in every section of the track it seems like cuz I always get so sick of shots or stuff like you don't see on TV. And I'm like, dang, I'd even hit see him hit that section or something like that. So it's pretty cool to see like all the live photos and stuff that come out of the nationals.

Doug Parsons  18:15  
What do you like doing more video or film or photography?

Cullen Boswell  18:19  
Filming to me is fun. I enjoy that more because it kind of sparks more creativity. Like using like different editing styles or music and like I feel like it kind of describes your personality or like the writers personality more. But photos I guess photos are cool in the sense that kind of like capture phrases like a moment in time. They're like something like one thing that look cool at that very moment. Now frozen. You got that? Right. And to me that that's such a cool thing.

Doug Parsons  18:45  
Yeah. What's your favorite editing software? I use Lightroom Lightroom forever. Yeah, Adobe. Yeah, yeah. Do you use premiere when you're doing video? Now use pro cut. That's cool. How long have you been shooting photos for

Cullen Boswell  19:01  
officially since last July. So just over a year now.

Doug Parsons  19:05  
Okay. Dang, your photos are really clean badass.

Cullen Boswell  19:11  
I started that in July and then I started doing the video stuff in November because I had just gotten a camera November that like actually do a decent video and so that's when I started picking it up more and gotten a final pro cut and all that what's your favorite camera to work shoot with? Right now I've been a Sony A 6400 which is like this tiny little assignment a full size camera but some of the stuff still comes out pretty solid on it. Right? But I got taught to like some of the do's that shoot flight motocross action. I like Trevor Nelson. And like I've asked like Dallas done like these different days like what they shoot with Yeah, and their setups are absolutely insane. Right and like I like I looked up like some of their lenses all that I'm like, well that's gonna have to be on the back burner for a little bit.

Doug Parsons  19:55  
Yeah, I know some of this stuff is so expensive.

Cullen Boswell  19:59  
Yeah. Unlike the lenses are even more expensive than the bodies are usually like, it'll be a $3,000 camera body, but then there'll be like a $10,000 lens. Yeah. Wow, that's a use car,

Doug Parsons  20:11  
right? Oh, I know. I know. It's not some of the some I was looking at lighting and getting a camera for like filming these podcasts is tough man. Just to get like good lights, it's so expensive.

Cullen Boswell  20:26  
Yeah, you'll end up in a rabbit hole of just different things that can improve photography. It's insane. Like, there's like a base level. And then once you're like, well, how can I improve on this aspect, and you'll just keep digging deeper and deeper. And next thing I have a shopping cart full of $30,000

Doug Parsons  20:42  
Yeah, that's crazy. I didn't know I thought you've been shooting photos for a really long time your stuff looks super Pro.

Cullen Boswell  20:50  
Like when I started out even like have my own camera, my wife. She had like an old camera from like when she was in yearbook in high school. And I, I grabbed it and I was like, I looked it up. It's only like a $300 like whole camera like with a lens like you can buy the whole bundle on eBay right now. And I have to take this out because I had this whip competition in Yuma last July. And there were some days out there. And it was kind of like a like most freestyle things like it was just a low key deal. And like there's no like, you have to have credentials to get into this. Like it was just a bunch of laid back dudes like drinking having a good time. So I hit it out there and was taking photos with it. And like someone turned out pretty decent. So after that, I kind of I started hitting ICP more and it took off and then one day the camera just stopped. I got hit the shutter and it shut off. And I was like well now it's time to get a nicer camera. I guess. So. It's been it's been downhill ever since then.

Doug Parsons  21:42  
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Who was what would you say was your biggest influence to get into photography?

Cullen Boswell  21:50  
I think there's just growing up. Because I think when you like growing up, I watched like the great outdoors. And like the beginning like all those amateur movies and like in the ranks, all that kind of stuff. I think when you I think like as a kid, when you watch those, either see it and you're like, I want to be like that writer like in that scene doing like a whip or something like that, or I want to be like producing something like this. And I've ever seen I was like it'd be so sick to like, put a video together like this. And so I think growing up and seeing like that stuff and then like verb and then moto playground. Just all the stuff that was constantly being released for like moto stuff on that thing pushed me towards it. For sure. Were you writing to? Yeah, like I raced. I started racing when I was four. And then start early. Yeah, all the way up until I was 12 I think I officially stopped was like 2008 like when the recession hit. And we just couldn't we couldn't afford to do it anymore. And so I picked up like BMX after that, and then stuck with baseball. But then I stopped at 12 and then didn't touch a bike again till I was 19 my my dad got me like I used to 50 f when I was in college and then after that I kind of stayed around bikes ever since

Doug Parsons  23:04  
it'll bite you the bug will bite you in is hard to get away.

Cullen Boswell  23:07  
Yeah, I like I always followed it and like kept up with who is who and who was coming up and like how the series were going. But I just once you kind of step away from the races, like I just never liked them. The photo thing was kind of like my reentry back into it without having to get a bike and try to be fast and all that stuff.

It's a way to feed that passion still.

Yeah, I can still be on track and hear the bikes and Yep, did the thing communicate with everyone, but I don't have to be out there trying to qualify for the Raiders. Right?

Doug Parsons  23:38  
I know. I know. It's crazy. I took some time off and I got a bike and came back and it's rough to take that much time off and then to come back and then ACP is a fun track. But for me, I like more jumps. And I don't like I don't like when they flood the track in the morning man that makes me so mad cuz then I gotta watch my bike. There's a way you can make the jumps where everyone's happy and stuff.

Cullen Boswell  24:07  
Yeah, I cuz I grew up in Georgia, so like always hit like the south eastern tracks. And so there was always like red clay that would just get routed up. And yeah, all the tracks would get beat up pretty bad throughout the day. But ACP i think is one of the closest things like those kind of tracks like any other track I've seen out here is pretty dried up and gets beat pretty bad with blue groove but ACP does a pretty good job of keeping it somewhat national related so you guys can actually get some work enderlin

Doug Parsons  24:39  
Yeah, again, it's the only track or there's Canyon. I haven't been to Canyon I went to Canyon when I went to like a Gary Bailey motocross school when I was on 80s I think that was like 25 years ago probably. But I wish there was a couple more tracks. But that Georgia clay dirt that's got to be hard to be

Cullen Boswell  25:00  
Yeah, it is so nice. And then the tracks are so spread out there that like every to get one. It's always like a two hour drive almost like oh really once I moved here I was like 15 minutes from ACP and I was like, wow, this is nice. I only got to drive right down the road to get get some riding in the deserts everywhere.

Doug Parsons  25:16  
Yep. I tried riding out in the desert after a rain and it was. I was just like, no, this is not fun. Yeah, I

Cullen Boswell  25:25  
went two weekends ago I went riding with Cooper avid, I saw that Kadima. Yeah, and that was a bad idea. Really. I had written for like a month and a half and then I went out there with those dudes and it was pouring rain once we right there. And those dudes just had a heyday are climbing rocks and like doing all this stuff. And I was just cruising behind sitting down. It's like old dude. Yeah. Where they went down this one like side of the mountain. And I was just falling, not paying attention. And then my friend had dropped off a rock. And it's got thrown over the bars as IRA this is this is done for the day right here.

Doug Parsons  25:59  
Dang, I hate it when that happens. That's cool. Once you like we're influenced in getting you know, you're watching all these videos and you're in the motocross and stuff, what inspired you to pick up a camera and make it your passion?

Cullen Boswell  26:20  
I think it's just the break from day to day, like the monotonous work life pretty much. Cuz I'm in the I'm in the Air Force. So like working Sunday night through Thursday night, and then I work 10pm to 7am. And so usually, like once you get in that that night routine, it's just, it feels like every week repeats itself almost like a weekend, you switch it around, and it's right back to work again. And so then once I because I wanted to go Ryan, like I had a shoulder surgery and I couldn't ride or anything for a little bit. And so the camera is like the only thing I can do to get to the track. And then it was basically just kind of starting up my creativity and keeping me busy just outside of work pretty much and getting something to break that monotonous schedule I was in and have some have some fun.

Doug Parsons  27:05  
What's been your favorite thing to shoot?

Cullen Boswell  27:08  
I I've only shot one race, which is that area qualifier that they had in February. And that was that was the first race ever did and that was so much fun. I was like if I could if I could hit more of these races and just film like there's so much good footage and stuff that comes out of it. Like you need to put it together you just make one clip and just some like good like stuff and yeah bunch of there's so much talent out there. It was like everybody filmed basically made a clip.

Doug Parsons  27:38  
That's cool. I saw a video you did too. That was pretty badass.

Cullen Boswell  27:43  
Oh, yeah. Did with one blow edit. Oh, yeah, I did the wind blows. Yeah. When he first came back after his thumbs are doing

Doug Parsons  27:51  
Yeah. Yeah, it looked really good. Thank you. I can't believe you've only been doing it for like a year. That's crazy. Yeah, you got a knack for it.

Cullen Boswell  28:00  
I'm trying to work out the kinks. Still. There's like some stuff like last. Late last month, I found out I was shooting like a bad setting. Like I just found out. Oh, yeah, I was like doing some googling. And I was like, Oh, I should have been this setting this entire time and switch it up. And then I've realized like, my photos and video came out way better. And this whole other setting I've been shooting in.

Doug Parsons  28:20  
That's how you learn though, right? Yeah. I've made those mistakes with audio for sure. Especially my last podcast. Oh my gosh, I can't even believe some of the mistakes I made. But that's kind of how it goes. It's how you learn, I guess. Yeah, it's x. But that's cool. Well, what's the motivation that keeps you going?

Cullen Boswell  28:43  
I think it's just like the little milestones you hit along the way. Right? Same with same with you probably with podcasting. It's just like maybe a little achievement here a little achievement, they're learning some new knowledge you get to do test out or just like a new rider hits me on say, hey, I want to use a get an edit or whatever. And I think just every new challenge that comes with it. To me, to me that's what kind of motivates me because there's really no no edit really comes up the same nothing never really the same every writer is different every edits, different racks, they're different. There's always different angles and 20 just always never like it's always changing. That's that's kind of motivating

Doug Parsons  29:20  
for sure. Getting those little wins add up over time and getting new ideas that's probably got to be a lot of fun too is like trying to come up with different ways to shoot this corner or to see it through the lens and then make it happen in the picture. Yeah,

Cullen Boswell  29:37  
that's and there's like times where all I won't even be really like trying to get a certain angle and I'll get home uploaded on computer and I'm like, well that was way sicker than the Yeah, like I don't even paying attention out there and then I go back the next weekend and that's like the only place I'll stand the entire time.

Doug Parsons  29:52  
hmm yeah, that's bad as what is eat sleeping and breathing. Photography look like for you

Cullen Boswell  30:00  
I think it's just like a, I think it's just a healthy obsession, just like with anything like, obviously not losing sleep over it. But we're just like, you always want to do your research to try to improve things. When you got downtime you work on things like when I'm at work, and like we have downtime at all, I'll be in Lightroom on my phone, just like editing, or like be messing with stuff or googling, like different settings I can use, I try to make it a routine to go to the track at least once every weekend, just to kind of be out there. And like, even though those guys are practicing, I still consider like I'm practicing, like when I'm out there. That's why I'm even like charged for practice photos. Like people, I want to charge me because my our price and I'm practicing, like, I'm not, I'm not here, like consider myself a professional. Like I'm still here, like working out stuff and trying to figure out my own deal.

Doug Parsons  30:46  
Yeah, that's, that's, that's how you got to do it is like, just think about it every chance you get. I remember when I was going to the races when I was an amateur. And in my head. I'm just, I'm pretending like I got top three. And they're interviewing the riders. And I'm thinking about what I was going to say. And I think that just all that thinking about it leading up to the race helped motivate me and it also helped, like build my confidence when I was actually in the race. I always say like, visualization is so important, but it's how you could really make the most when you're not out there doing it. When you're just sitting at home. You could really do a lot by visualizing and we're thinking through everything that you want to do.

Cullen Boswell  31:39  
Yeah, I think visualizing helps just about anything in life almost. Whether it's a job interview, or racing motocross or making a video, I think it just visualizing what you want to happen can help you succeed in so many ways.

Doug Parsons  31:53  
There's something to it. I mean, you know what, whether you believe in the laws of the universe, or whatever it is, man, there's, there's something to it, if you if you can see it in your brain, and you can believe it, you can really achieve it. It's crazy.

Cullen Boswell  32:10  
Yeah, like, a lot like a lot of my videos, a lot of those are so like premeditated, or like, really where I'm gonna feel mad or like, I listen to music literally almost every second of the day. So I now have like a Sephora and Spotify playlist, like if I hear it cuz I'll just put things like on shuffle. If I hear a song, like I'll start thinking like, how, like a certain like vibe of a video would look to it and I'm like, Alright, that's getting put in this playlist. Yeah, like once I do like a like I tried to already have like a song picked out before I even start editing because it helps so much. Yep. And I was like, already pre determined, like how this whole thing is gonna look off this one song,

Doug Parsons  32:45  
right? So like, that's kind of how I start visualizing just like music pretty much for sure. You hear the the beat or the drums and you're like, oh, that'll be perfect to cut to this edit and stuff like that.

Cullen Boswell  33:00  
Yeah, and then like, even using like past videos like terra firma and like all that like, when people before like even people were using rap really in those videos. Just like super strange songs that they would throw in there that still went with like, the whole moto thing that was sick. Yeah.

Doug Parsons  33:16  
What's your favorite 90s motocross video?

Cullen Boswell  33:20  
Oh, pride hair farmer. I watched so much terra firma when I got the VHS tapes. told me my little like, rainbow color Panasonic I had when I was a kid like I just watch those tapes like on rewind.

Doug Parsons  33:33  
They're legendary man. They they're responsible for so many people, getting into motocross getting into freestyle. I mean, those those videos like really shaped the sport as we know it today.

Cullen Boswell  33:48  
Yeah, and like it was just like the freewriting scenes just how and like all those dudes just like some rotten overall Noni style they had, right? Like the I don't know, man it was just has a different time and nothing. The videos are so interesting. Like then

Doug Parsons  34:04  
I know that they were definitely they definitely changed the culture of the sport for sure. I made a lot of people mad at first and then when freestyle came around and kind of kind of solidified things. And then over time, people got more comfortable with freestyle and stuff, but man, those things definitely changed the history and the culture of the sport.

Cullen Boswell  34:28  
Yeah, I think watching those I was like, that kind of set the tone for like, that'd be so sick to film something like this. And then once tg o came out, like I had the first like, the great outdoors VHS like in 2002 or whatever it was. And when I saw that when I was like this is so like badass to have this whole, like, behind the scenes like moto footage stuff. Yeah. And I mean now it's like run of the mill like you almost everyone out there that's doing filming at races has a whole behind the scenes thing. But I think at that time that was just so rare to see that was suited like super sick.

Doug Parsons  35:01  
Yeah, Troy, Troy Rosa responsible for those shots of like looking through the barbed wire fence with the weeds that were kind of sticking up and then the tracks in the background and the guys. Like he really brought that cinematic, like outdoors feel to the whole, the whole video. Those were badass for sure.

Cullen Boswell  35:24  
I remember at the end, I think it was the first one they is like playing a sad acoustic song. And it showed like it showed like these old like, tear offs that were like buried in the dirt on the ground and like people tear down the banners and like all these people talk about how like, how the Nationals like the greatest thing ever. And I was like this is the most emotional ending outdoors film I've ever seen.

Doug Parsons  35:45  
Yeah, that's crazy. Well, it was cool to catch up and talk to you.


where can everyone check out all your work and get in touch with you if they need an editor some photos.

Cullen Boswell  35:59  
The Moto at the Moto lens on Instagram is the main place that I can be contacted at. I can keep up with me there see videos, photos, everything. That's where I where I post on my work mainly.

Doug Parsons  36:12  
Yeah, you consistently are posting stuff like you don't miss a week. Whenever I shoot photos,

Cullen Boswell  36:18  
I try to keep it updated as much as I can. This past weekend was a bummer with it right? In both days. I didn't get to get out too much. But I got in Lightroom and play with some old clips and mess around just to stay active.

Doug Parsons  36:29  
Right on. Well cool, man. I appreciate it. Thanks for being patient with me and good luck with everything.

Cullen Boswell  36:37  
Thank you, man. Appreciate it. Thanks for having me on.

Doug Parsons  36:40  
Thanks again everyone for tuning in and listening. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did. Stay tuned to listen to new episodes, wherever you get your podcasts

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Cullen is an aspiring photographer, mixing his love for motocross with his new passion for shooting pictures& video. He said: "It's about capturing that moment in time, freezing it forever." For only having a year of experience under his belt, he's off to an amazing start, his photos are some of the cleanest in AZ and if you ride Arizona Cycle Park, you no doubt have seen him trackside. Follow him on Instagram @themotolens to watch him on his new journey as his love for photography develops.