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Sergio Guiducci

- Always had an interest in cameras since I was a little kid.

- Tried to get into supermoto racing in Northern California around 2008 & instead I became a photographer for SupermotoUSA.

- Later on I became involved in other other Motorsports such as FMX, Bmx, Truck racing, GT Series and Indy car series.

- Over the years I went from photographer to cinematographer. I would say I’m more into capturing video now than I am photography

- One of my more recent gigs was for a Google/YouTube Originals pilot.

- Currently, I have a passion project needing funding for a documentary regarding the way in which we receive our information.

- i hold the title of marketing director & work full time for a grip clean as well as free lance for any opportunities that come my way.

- I love being behind the camera & i definitely enjoy being creative telling a story otherwise informing individuals. Though I do enjoy both, If I had to choose between the job I do full time and the job I freelance as a cinematographer, I would pick cinematographer.

There’s a few talking points and there’s plenty more we can dive into depending on what you want to do, lmk :)

September 27, 2021

Sergio Guiducci Content Creator/Videographer for Grip Clean

In this episode of P23 POdcasts, I talk to Sergio Guiducci about how he found his love for using a camera to create content with photos and videos. A chance of opportunity put a camera in his sights and that camera would eventually become an extension...