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Jan. 17, 2022

SX After Show With The Moto Lens

Joining me back on the podcast, Cullen Boswell and I talk shop about his Team Solitaire deal, A1 and Oakland SX, social media's influence on the sport, who's looking good on their new teams, A1 squabbles, track designs and a whole bunch of stuff in...

Joining me back on the podcast, Cullen Boswell and I talk shop about his Team Solitaire deal, A1 and Oakland SX, social media's influence on the sport, who's looking good on their new teams, A1 squabbles, track designs and a whole bunch of stuff in between.



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Cullen Boswell, Doug Parsons


Doug Parsons  00:01

This is a p 23 podcast. Who's gonna get the shots? There's no time left corner welcome everyone to Pete 23 podcasts and the Supercross After Show. I'm your host, Doug Parsons. And joining me today the hardest working photographer I know in the game, you know him as the Moto lens. Colin Boswell. Welcome back to the show.


Cullen Boswell  00:44

Thank you. Thank you. I'm glad to be back on here.


Doug Parsons  00:48

Man. How stoked Are you? You've been grinding it out lately been? Dude, just putting in the work now is starting to pay off. Ah, yeah, little bit. I'm starting to see something going on some some stuff moving finally. So it's kind of cool to at least get to the Supercross now and be working with one of the teams. Tell me a little bit about the team solitaire deal.


Cullen Boswell  01:11

So that kind of started, like, back before last supervised. And last season Supercross. I was out filming blows at ACP, like just, I showed up in a Situ in photos and stuff at him. And then some of the solitary guys are out there doing like some of their preseason prep. And one of the mechanics Eric, like he stopped and talked to me for a minute. And we were just like, chatted up. And he's just we're talking about doing the photo stuff. And like, that was kind of last time I even talked to those guys that we just kind of liked each other stuff on Instagram. Nothing was like much more than that. And then this past summer, Eric reached out to me it was like, Hey, I have an idea for a project. Like you would just follow us these West Coast rounds. And like some of the preseason stuff and we just want you to film everything. Like don't hold back everything that happens like you don't help us tear down set up like now that at the races like you just have the camera roll when the good bad, the ugly, catch it all. And I was like, Yeah, I have nothing else going on. Like we can do that. So through him I met other mechanic Cullen. And I went back and forth with how to California with him a couple times before the season to film some of the testing. And then I just met Chris and Ryan Clark, like the the managers of the team this at a one last week. So that was kind of like that was the first time having them all together. It's where I get out because everyone works normal jobs during the week. So they're not full blown race team all the time. So it looks like it though. Like yeah, you got a semi and everything right? Yeah, they have their semi they have decked out everything and they have their own semi driver has been doing it for a while with them. And Ryan and Chris, they I know they put in a ton of work to manage the whole behind the scenes aspect of sponsors and having the truck and all that stuff ready and make sure everything's tailor to look professional for Supercross. And then they kind of leave it all the Cullen and Eric to run the whole mechanic's side of things and make sure the bikes are 100% That's cool. It looks legit. I mean, every time I see him on TV, the gears always perfect. The bikes match the gear like everyone's program like super tight. Yeah, they got it pretty buttoned up. And they have good partnerships with light liat, and some of the other guys and they all work together and they make some real cool stuff happen. And they're they're not afraid to like step outside the box. Whereas other teams are pretty cookie, like cookie cutter with their setups and how things have to look. So they have a really unique way of putting their stuff out there. That's good for them, man. It's cool to see Ryan Clark. I mean, I remember when he was first building that team, how, what maybe five, six years ago or maybe even longer, because it was his team when he was still racing, right? Yeah, I believe so. It evolved into having different writers and stuff. Yeah, and then the caliber writers are getting they're getting better and better. So right it's really putting them putting them out there. It's like a go to Team pretty much for Yamaha. Right. Yeah, that's cool. Each year, it'll just keep evolving and progressing. And next thing you know, they're, you know, I'm working their way up into getting like official Yamaha support and stuff, right. Yeah. Which I know they they do have like a lot of help from Yamaha and like, they work in cahoots with Yamaha and a lot of things. But I mean, they're obviously not like star racing, right? Equivalent yet, but I know that's like the end goal for them, which I mean, that happened overnight and they're they've been working towards it for a while. So


Doug Parsons  04:55

that's badass. Yes. Yeah, start racing, you know, was one set their level I think and just kept evolving over the years and stuff. So that's pretty cool. I mean, both their riders have national numbers. That's pretty big too. Yeah. Yeah. Wage man, Robbie. Yeah. Hey, Robbie, he's pretty good last year, every year they just keep saying he's improving and then he started off a wall with his best that he's had yet like already out the gate and then Saran I think from a one got more points and what he got all of last year so both those guys came out swinging. Sir rats the other rider? Yeah. Oh, no way. That's cool. Cuz that dude, he puts in the work like every time you look on Instagram, he's like pounding out motors. Yeah, that dude just loves riding dirt bikes, like the the first time being called and went to, we went to Fox to just like, drop them off one of the practice bikes. And it was before like in the actual testing happened. It was like right after he'd signed his deal, and was just like, get them on the Yamaha, get him riding get him somewhat comfortable. And we showed up out there and the dude like, just rode all day long, like, from nine to five, just nonstop riding. And then I'm pretty sure he went rode the next day, like the day just rides every day all day. That's what you gotta do. Yeah, even after Anaheim one, all the dues are toasted. And I think his girlfriend was going to ride Sunday. And he's like, Man, if I had my boots, I'd be going around tomorrow, I'm like to do just wants to go ride. That's cool. That's eat, sleep and breathe it man. That's, that's cool. It's good when you put that much time in on the bike, because I always felt like when I would do motorcross schools, I got more out of sitting on the bike. For those eight hours, I noticed that I got way more comfortable just because I had so much more seat time than just go into the track and doing a couple of photos. And that was the probably the biggest takeaway that I had from doing motocross schools was sitting on the bike for that long of a time like eight hours throughout the whole day. Like it just made you a little bit more comfortable with the bike you're a little bit more tuned in. And it seems like guys that spend their main focus his time on the bike like guys like Kevin Windham. They are just some of the guys that like to ride the most, whether it's out in the hills, or if they're banging out motos, but that's cool that he's on the team because he was running it solo for a long time. Right. So Right.


Cullen Boswell  07:29

Yeah, I know he did the he did like the all South because he was a PR MX, the Kawasaki team last season. And then he was with all South kind of is pretty much kind of his own deal and a husky for 450s and outdoors. And he was doing real good. I think his last finish he was topped in and outdoors on a 450. So Dang, he really improved since last year. And now he's kind of already he's kind of picked up where he left off already with a one and ladder this past weekend with Oakland. So he's really getting Oakland, I think he's he was running 13th or 12th or 13th. And then he went down and finished 16th But he was he was on the bubble of a top 10. So


Doug Parsons  08:11

Dang, that's cool. That's badass. I didn't realize he was the other rider. I know wage men because his dad used to go to all the local races when I grew up racing and I think the name of their, their shop was called pit pro maybe or something like that. It was they they always went to all the races and they had like a storefront in like Santa Clarita Valley. But he also his main deal was bringing parts and stuff to the races on the weekend. So he was at all the local CMC or GFSI races and so he must have been like a really young kid, you know, 20 years ago?


Cullen Boswell  08:51

Oh, yeah, he's


Doug Parsons  08:52

tiny than 25 years ago probably


Cullen Boswell  08:55

isn't like his older brother. I mean, his older brothers doing like the 450s But like, now they're selling their beef jerky at the in the Supercross pits


Doug Parsons  09:05

right I saw that they highlighted it on race day live or something I think after a one Yeah, that's cool. That's pretty cool. What do you think of the track both tracks seemed pretty good to me I thought the I thought the track flow was good. I thought it was easy to watch I thought there was good passing like some of the timing sections. They were like just that that perfect technical distance between the top guys that hit all the tech stuff in the guys that sometimes hit it or sometimes don't like that. The timing sections which I thought were perfect for the the guys that were going to do the triples and the quad sections and then the guys that were just gonna time their way through it. I thought it was a perfect combination. A perfect match all together.


Cullen Boswell  09:52

Yeah, I thought after watching Oakland, I thought the two the two like Styles would have been swapped almost like Anaheim want to look more like Oakland and then Oklahoma to be in love with like Anaheim cuz I feel like right out the gate Anaheim like the two web sections like those are just eating these up and like the rhythms they were pretty short rhythms but it was just like I feel like the track was way more difficult than what I think most expected at eight one. And then at Oakland last night seemed like it was a pretty quick track. And seems like dues were on it and like, there's nothing that really no one wasn't doing like once they kind of got the flow of it. Everyone's somewhat doing the same thing. Some dudes are just doing it faster. So Oakland made life better racing. A one was almost like survival for some dudes. It's just like, get me out of here.


Doug Parsons  10:40

For sure. Yeah, it was always like that in that dirt. At a one it looks like it's good. But really, it's pretty slick in especially as the later in the night you get were you down on the floor at eight one.


Cullen Boswell  10:53

And so I like I sat pretty low for like all the qualifying stuff. And then I just kept running back and forth to the pits and like, filming there back and forth. And like all the chatter in the pits and then for the the heats and the mains, I went up to like the viewing section for media or for like the team media. So I kind of had like an overview of everything. And I was up there with like all the other managers and mechanics that were like had their headsets on or just like shooting info back and forth and mechanics. And then I was just up there with the camera.


Doug Parsons  11:24

That's cool. What do you think? Was that your first time? Shooting a Supercross event?


Cullen Boswell  11:29

Yeah, well, that was my first time even hitting the opener. Like I've been to a bunch of Atlanta rounds, cuz that's where I was from. So like, I've been there probably like over 10 Atlanta rounds. But that was the first time I get in the opener. And that was a total different vibe and being in a baseball stadium. Because I was used to the old like Georgia dome. So like, that was a first time just like seeing Supercross in a baseball stadium. So it's pretty cool. And then just like the vibe of a one just completely different than like a midseason round.


Doug Parsons  11:56

Yeah, a one. It's got everyone that's been waiting all year for Supercross to start all the teams, all the riders, all the mechanics, all the swaps. What do you think about some of the team swaps, like blessing you're going to KTM


Cullen Boswell  12:12

I mean, that's could be nothing but good things for him. And that's a pretty solid program. And then I feel like they're all pretty solid, like Malcolm to rock star like they're all going to solid, well built programs. There's nothing like too crazy. He was just mad at whether or not they could kind of prove themselves and like that whole New Deal, which they did last night so I mean, Anderson got the win Malcolm finish. Good. plessinger got second like they were all right there. Tomek I thought tobacco do better especially after qualifying. I think he was most people's picks because the dude was on it and qualifying but yeah, I


Doug Parsons  12:47

picked him for sure. Blessing your he looks so much better on that. KTM I think it's because KTM might be a taller bike. He looks like he fits that bike perfect. Like he doesn't look too tall. Like when he rode the Yamaha. To me he just looked like he was a little too tall on the verge of being too tall or just I don't know something about that. KTM It looks like he looks like a normal rider you know on that KTM he doesn't


Cullen Boswell  13:15

look too awkward on it. Like on the Yamaha lucky, almost like Dorf. The Yamaha kinda looks like he looked like way too tall.


Doug Parsons  13:21

Exactly. Plus, once he starts getting things figured out, like the more fun he has, the more he gets into, like his momentum and the confidence and then he just, it keeps going. I think you'll do good.


Cullen Boswell  13:33

I think with him finishing good like having a good race on a sign Anderson like they'll probably it's automatically gonna start building from there. So next week, they'll probably do good.


Doug Parsons  13:42

Right? Yeah, Anderson looks like that. Kawasaki was just what he needed to freshen things back up, hit the reset. I think he's gonna do great on that county for sure. As you're like hanging out in the pits and stuff. And you're shooting photos with everyone. I was watching qualifying from a one. And I noticed it just seemed like all the writers were more happy. It seemed like I saw more smiles. It seemed like everyone was more happy. And I was wondering if I'm sure there's a couple of reasons. One is, you know, I think everyone knows that. There's a lot of social media now. I think probably, if I had to guess this was probably the most media passes they've ever given out. It seems like there's a ton more video and pictures going around. But just from the video that I saw, it seemed like I saw more smiles at a barsha in Tomek and all these guys. And I was just wondering if maybe that's, you know, social media has influence on the sport, or it's become more accepted to have like a filmer like bam and all them have their filmers following them around everywhere or a lot of them have their championships or like bar show was on his way out. And he came back in. And he's kind of having his, you know, tour de force. I was just wondering what you if you picked up on any of that, it just seems like the guys were happier, it seems like they're more accepting of all the the media, that's the vibe I got.


Cullen Boswell  15:15

So I was like, I was talking to someone about the other day about like, pre social media, and like Instagram and all that, to where like, you had to wait for like a DVD to drop, or like a movie to see any like writers personalities, or like any behind the scenes of what went on in the pits, or like in the trailers or anything like that. And I think now with all that stuff, like you see it every day, like they can post them in their house, like working out or whatever. So, I mean, you see pretty much every aspect of their life just through their own Instagrams and all that. So I think, with their own, like, camera crew, or their own, like filmers, following them and all that, like, they kind of know that there's no barrier between them and their fans. There's no like, secret, hidden deal going on. Like, it's like, everything's kind of an open book with most riders. So it's just like, I think everyone's kind of cut loose a little bit. And this is like, even with like, the whole deal with Barton Anderson last week, like instantly, just like went to a whole merch thing like this is a joke. And then the fans just like loved it. And like even if there was like real sour like out think they probably squash after last night because Anderson won. But if even if there were sour feelings about it the past week, it was kind of like, all kinda beneath all the jokes and like humor. So I do think like all the social stuff, and everything kind of being surface level with fans now. Kind of makes everyone like, a little bit happier about everything, like the whole deal. And writers are a little less, like secretive about how they feel or what's going on in their lives.


Doug Parsons  16:48

Yeah, like the whole barsha and Anderson deal. They were, you know, Anderson was quick to just chop it up to let's turn it into a positive on the social media, let's push my brand. And we'll push your YouTube channel, I thought that little skit they did was pretty cool. It looked like barsha must live close to Anderson or something, or was was that a skid setup or something. But I thought that was pretty cool, like, rolling up kick in the box into the driveway and stuff. Like, that's cool that, that they were able to do that. And that's kind of like what I was talking about is back in the day, your T managers would frown on you for doing something like that, like turning it into a video and getting some press and some media about it. But also the writers they would have been more at each other's throats. So it's kind of interesting to watch how it's changed because I came up in the era where when you were a factory rider, you are not allowed to go playwriting, you went and did your motos. And if if you are caught out in the hills playwriting or you were filming, like it was just really looked down upon unless you were like immigrant McGrath and you were winning. So you couldn't they couldn't really say much. The general stigma was you just did your motos you train didn't party didn't do any of that stuff. And now it's kind of totally evolved into this whole social media thing where it's totally accepted and, and writers actually play off of it. And I thought that was pretty cool them to doing that, because it's shows like the characters there. But it also shows that they're also the experience of being a champion, or barsha being as experienced as he is that they're still able to make it work.


Cullen Boswell  18:41

Yeah, yeah, I think it's just the shift in the whole industry as a whole. Like, over time, it's just media has gotten more accepted, being like, open and fun about things. It's more accepted. And just kind of the big picture aspect of like, we're not ruined after this one race. And, like, there's plenty of races left and like, this dude's a human to like, there's errors. I think everyone just like moves past it way quicker, and everyone has just a better, better attitude towards it.


Doug Parsons  19:09

Right. Even the even the squabbles like with Marvin and Stuart. I thought Stewart handled that pretty good too. Like he just said, You got to be smart. And then that which was kind of true. I did hear that. Stuart parked Marvin in the heat race, though, and that's why Marvin maybe did that. But did you hear anything like that?


Cullen Boswell  19:31

Uh, no, I didn't. I didn't say anything like that.


Doug Parsons  19:36

Because I mean, Marvin, is, if you're gonna take someone that high and you're gonna, you know, you're gonna smash into him. Don't try to downplay it and say like, oh, well, I was going through the turn so fast. And so is he on then we just he crashed. Like, I was listening to his interviews at Oakland. And I was like, Just tell him that you smashed in. Like it'll all be squashed like the, like he wouldn't take responsibility for what he did. And I was like, come on man.


Cullen Boswell  20:05

And Ricky, Ricky Carmichael, he made a point like today if you're gonna do something like that, like, Don't crash yourself if you're gonna put us rule number to do down at least right away from it.


Doug Parsons  20:16

Yeah, and no, I was thinking about like that instance in the Anderson barsha instance. And I remember this time when I was younger racing, and I, I used to get so pissed when people would take me out. And then my dad told me, he's like, you know, Windham, if he gets taken out, he blames himself because he left the door open. I remember hearing that and thinking like, dang, that's so true. Like, that's, nobody else is at fault except you, if you leave the door open, you get taken out that is on you. But it's so hard to not get mad at the other person when you do get taken out. And even though I probably still yelled at people for taking me out after that. I think maybe a couple times. Like I took full responsibility and was like, Well, I left the door open and you know, it's it's not his fault. It's my fault in as much as that felt good. I wish I did it every time but I know I probably did it. You know, like, someone just took you out you want to blame them but yeah, I think the the even bigger frustration is if they go back and look at the replays and they just see like the line that they take. Now it's like parallel with a tough locks like going into the turn. It's like was that even going to be a turn to begin with? Like, how are you gonna get your bike to 180 out of that without T boned me, right? So I was like the same deal a tow Mack was it like two years ago when moose can do the same deal and like, went up the inside just t bone toe mag and then used him as like a burn basically. And then just rode off automax handlebar and his back wheel and it was like Tony was like, dude, there was no line there whatsoever. Oh, yeah, remember that? Yeah, it was almost same thing with Malcolm is like, there was no line there. And like, you didn't try to apex it before you'd like just intimidate him like you just went straight up into him and then turn right. Nothing. That's probably what Malcolm just get so frustrated with it. Yeah, he handled it good, though. Yeah. He said, You got to be smarter than that. Which is true. Like, man, you gotta gotta keep it on two wheels. Speaking of keeping it on two wheels, what do you think about a Sexton? He had it in a one. And he just kind of fell apart? And then yeah, kind of just didn't really get the fire going at Oakland. Yeah, I


Cullen Boswell  22:35

think it's just gonna, he'll have one of those races, where he just on it from like, I think it's gonna take them from like, hole shot all the way to the finish. And he'll have it like, I don't think it'll be like one of those ones for hill because I feel like the 450 class unless you're just on a complete nother level, like a comeback or anything where you're like outside of the top five and come back to pass first. It's just not happening. Like, once the minute starts ticking down. Like it's just becomes impossible at that point. So he'll have to get like, a top two or three start and then just run away with it. Yeah, which he has the talent and the flow on that bike to do it. So I think it's only a matter of time. Like he'll win one. At least one this season. Oh, for sure. And then it's it he'll look like almost like rocks and did a new one, he'll get a start and then just kind of check out and write his own race.


Doug Parsons  23:22

It's only a matter of time for sure. Once he gets that start and like everything comes together. It's this is like every great writer that's came up and had all this promise and shows flashes in the pan but falls apart, throws it away. And then he slowly starts clicking it off, starts putting it together and then next thing you know, he'll just go on a running streak and just win a bond or get like his first win and be top three at the rest of the races. Yeah, I think he's gonna be solid, just just maybe still young and figuring it out. Yeah, that's pretty gnarly. I would be shitting bricks if I was raised 450 lining up next to those guys.


Cullen Boswell  24:06

That's the entire field is just stacked.


Doug Parsons  24:09

It's so stacked all the way back to like 13th or 14th. In the 450 class is all factory riders in the same in like the lites class. It's top 10. Top 12 are all like legit writers. It's nuts.


Cullen Boswell  24:24

Yeah, it's insane. Like, I feel like used to like I don't know, like, mid 2000s, early 2000s. Like you maybe see like, the top 10 Dunes, maybe less than that were like factory rides, and then the rest was kind of like, whatever. Yeah, and then like back then like satellite and privateer event like that's what it was like some dude pulled up in his truck and unload his bike. He went Supercross racing, but like now, private here means that you get like a satellite ride with like 60% support, right? Yeah, not really like full blown privateer anymore for those guys,


Doug Parsons  24:57

right? Yeah, like you might get work suspension. Through Yamaha, Honda or someone that's got like, needs the the riders out there on the track. So they're flown some parts out and stuff. Yeah. Well, I think Craig, this is his year to lose it like he's, if he just keeps doing what he's doing. He's got it solid in the bag. Like, I don't know how many years he's been at the lites class, but I think this year will finally be his year if he can keep it together for sure.


Cullen Boswell  25:29

Yeah, like, there's no reason whatsoever. He should lose it. Like his only competition was Nichols. Like respectively, it was nickels. There's still Shimoda but I thought schmo just to work and some stuff out and then most of them but he's still like, he just makes little mistakes here and there that cost them. And Craig has the most experience and the dude's just like flawless from start to finish. So like,


Doug Parsons  25:55

the memes on Craig are hilarious. Like, the dude with the beard. And the kids that shows up to the track to raise the kids in the class. You seen all the memes? All the different memes. That's funny. Has anybody said there's like a 10 year difference between him and one of the riders last night, or who it was, but Oh, I bet rotters there's a one I was 20. And he's 30. Now, yeah, me even still 30 Super. Yeah, it's not even at all at this point. Makes it seem like it's 60 Yeah, shamoto has got the speed. He just needs to just get a little bit more experience, I think because he keeps making these mistakes, and then comes on done. And then he's fighting back. He's making it hard on himself. But he's, I'll bet he like turns into like a super blazing fast rider. He looks like he's got that speed.


Cullen Boswell  26:43

Yeah, that dude. So smooth. I think if he got to start, like, I feel like start just leads to everything else. Like, he may let one or two guys by if he didn't lead the whole thing. Like if he got to start, I think because every race he gets a ton it makes it tough on himself right from the get go. And then he's like clawing his way back to the top makes mistake or comes in like contact with Ryder. And then has to find his way back up again. So he makes it tough on himself.


Doug Parsons  27:11

For sure. Just like most men to like he's super fast. But he just makes these like bonehead mistakes, like just wash out the front end here and there. And then he's got to work his way back. But, man, if he could figure it out, too. He could put himself top three every race and put himself in position to capitalize on like Craig having a couple bad races or maybe 100. Lawrence having a couple bad races. Most men could be there. I think for the title, or at least second or third 100 Lawrence is right. And really good too. He's consistent. What do you go three Anaheim and two last night?


Cullen Boswell  27:51

Yeah. Like he would definitely be in the championship talk as long as he could. Like, there can be an inconsistency with Craig, I think, yeah, these guys, not Craig off the number one spot. Right? Well, that is pumping out wins, no matter what you're finishing, like, you can't get him.


Doug Parsons  28:07

Right. Yeah, he's got a he's got to step it up, find some more speed somewhere. Or he's got to capitalize on a mistake Craig makes and, and put himself in the right position, which, you know, it's, it's so early in the game, like you just got to keep doing what you can do, and let the cards fall where they may in the end. But that's the best thing to do right now is just try to put yourself on the box and just keep working on finding that speed. Last year was his first year back from injury, right? I think so. Yeah, his first full year back. So he's kind of still just getting back into the swing of things. So he's, he's still got plenty of time. I think most men, he have plenty of time to he's just gotta settle down into the ride, which I think will just come with a little bit of experience. He's got a great team, all those people on that gas gas team got a lot of experience and knowledge, they'll be able to feed him some good stuff to kind of keep him in line.


Cullen Boswell  29:08

Yeah, I think there'll be the guys that like, click off a win and like the fourth or fifth round, and then after that, you'll see my upfront or at least challenging for a way and the rest of the time. And it's like, if you guys could start off like that a one. You would be right there in the championship talk,


Doug Parsons  29:23

right? The the build on some good results, and then they'll hit that break and then they'll come back and they'll just have that much more confidence and you'll see like a whole different ride or, you know, taking that time off while the East Coast starts and you run on that confidence and you got that momentum going. Start working out the track during the weeks and little by little confidence grows and then when he come back to the last few rounds. You always see the writer step up his game a little bit. I think he'll kind of start really coming into his own Yeah plessinger cap Anderson pretty honest to I think it was like a three second gap by the end of the race.


Cullen Boswell  30:07

Yeah, they were because he was within a second like most of the race, I kept seeing like 1.6 1.5 1.7 like he was, he was right there pretty much almost in the same turn with them for most of the race. And then Anderson kind of started pulling away from there towards the end a little bit. Yeah. But for the most part, Aaron kept them kept him in check. So if he made any bobbler mistake, like Aaron was right there, I think if he got that he'd caught a second wind. And he might have held on for his for the win.


Doug Parsons  30:32

Yeah, when you when you're that close in your size on the guy up when he's coming out of the the turn in front of you, or you got your little points where you're, you're sizing up if you're gaining on him or if he's pulling you. But once you see that distance, you start closing that distance. It's crazy what a second wind can do for you. Yeah. I think plessinger is going to do good this year. I think barsha is riding more consistent, because last year he he won the opener, right. But then he just like he had dropped off. It was like real hit and miss right?


Cullen Boswell  31:06

Yeah, cuz he he was finished and get up front. I think it was like, St. Louis, maybe I it was one of the first rounds where he, like, had a bad race because the shifter broke off. And he snagged that tough block and broke his shifter. And then from then on, it was kind of wishy washy on his results after that, like he would be third and then he beat nine and B second and then be like six, then it's just back and forth. Right?


Doug Parsons  31:32

Yeah, it was real dynamic, like real up and down. He's at least start


Cullen Boswell  31:35

off this year consistent. So as long as the bike and body stay in one piece, they should be pretty good throughout the season.


Doug Parsons  31:42

I know. I'm stoked. I'm pumped on watching Supercross. I'm glad it's back. It's refreshing. From my point of view just looks like everyone's having more fun. It looks like the tracks are being there. You know, other than maybe the passing might have been a little bit of an issue. I still think the tracks. For me watching. They're easy to watch. Like when the track has bad timing sections in the bikes, you're struggling to get over the jumps. Like you feel that when you're watching it, you're like, sometimes I feel like I'm getting Arm Pump when I watched the lites class, you know, like or when they go to the Sand Section. Sometimes I can feel the bikes bogging down. I'm like, Ah, must be so tough right in that sand. But like watching the tracks last couple weeks, I hope they keep keep them consistent, like how they are I don't know how the riders feel about them. From my point of view, it looks like they're pretty good. Because there's, there's that that line you want to tow like, how do you keep them safe, but you still keep them technical to where it can separate the guys that are better than the guys that that are going a little slower not doing all the timing sections. And I just felt like they mix that those two two lines pretty pretty well. But I don't know, I'm not sure what the riders are saying. I don't know if you heard anything.


Cullen Boswell  33:01

No one. The talk right after free practice was the whips are massive. Like you're probably gonna have shaved those downs that thing that's like the common thing that happens like lips always end up huge and then throughout the night they get smaller. And so like that was a talk every time they come back to the trailer was surely those things are gonna get shaved down. And then after the last 450 practice, Robbie's brother like walked over and they're like they're not shaving them down do like they're the same size and so then I think that was like the only probably only gripe for me was just like the whoops even like Chris blows crashing I'm pretty hard during practice and even like one of the mechanics on teams like if Chris blows who's a master of all whoops is going down like shave the whoops down. But yeah, I think that was probably the only gripe coming from a one. I didn't hear anything last night. I know most writers don't like sand in the wall but at least was pretty brief. It wasn't like a whole lengthy section of sand with like doubles and stuff in it so right


Doug Parsons  34:04

I know cuz that's those sand sections can bite you like just for no reason you go through the term the same every time but just this one time you for some reason you're picking your bike up in the sand it's crazy. Well, that's cool. That at least like it sounds like the tracks good. You know from from what I see it looks like everyone's having fun. I mean look at stank dog out there on the 125 just charging it Yeah, he's having fun made a game


Cullen Boswell  34:34

he had a pretty hard get off at a one but oh he did? Yeah, he put it in the main last night at least Yeah, a one he barely so it was like the section before the finish that little rhythm and like writers are jumping over the table and then like tripling into the turn or triple singling a turn. And he kind of came up a little short on the table and then like Huggabug that the triple and then just went over the bars so that kind of ruined his night but He was putting on a show last night. Never everyone was loving the two server ABS


Doug Parsons  35:04

did the two stroke. It's just they need to have a two stroke race like with the intermission in the 50s Do do like a novelty, two stroke race or something, you know? Yeah, I think that'd be cool. Like a 15 lat. The futures thing was cool, but they did it during the day that they did something like that with two strokes during the intermission or something. I think that would be cool. That fans would eat it up. Oh my gosh, cuz they were loving him out there on that. 125 Right.


Cullen Boswell  35:37

Yeah, going insane. Like the dude doesn't have to qualify, he can roll around last place and just Revit rolling around on the plywood and people lose their minds.


Doug Parsons  35:46

Totally. Did you see as his Instagram Stories?


Cullen Boswell  35:49

Yeah, he was going off on Steve Mathis.


Doug Parsons  35:53

I know. I know. They kind of thick. I thought that I thought he was there boy though. I've only listened to pull once or twice maybe. And I didn't follow stink dog until this morning when I saw that stuff. But I from what I had thought I thought those guys pulp always talked about stink dog, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. But it's kind of funny to see him roost on those guys so hard.


Cullen Boswell  36:19

Yeah, I don't. Some people were saying is like from like, a little bit before like this past pulp show. Because I guess on the previous one that Steve posted, they talked him up and send like, they thought he would make a main right Chris Kiefer is like well, I don't know. And then Chris apologize to to Jared before he even made that post saying like, congrats, dude. You made the main. But apparently it was like some other stuff from before that even happened. So


Doug Parsons  36:47

crazy. funny shit, man. Well, uh, what do you think you what are your predictions? Where are we going? We're going to San Diego next week. Are you going?


Cullen Boswell  36:57

Yeah, I took off Friday. So probably Thursday afternoon, I will head out meet the guys there and then start filming immediately all the stuff that goes down from Friday to Sunday.


Doug Parsons  37:10

That's cool. Do you do you do video and photos?


Cullen Boswell  37:13

Yeah, I I was doing mainly video a one like I tried to get photos without removing like all my video equipment off. So like, I was just kind of snapping on the go. But I think I'm gonna do it this time to where like are in San Diego to where I'll take photos the guys up through probably like the first time qualifying. And then I'll film the rest of the timeout all through the mains and stuff. Just so they get like some photos of them writing and all that because I want to do more photos. But it was like so because I have like my microphone on and like all my stuff set up to film and then like, I'm just like, looking through the viewfinder on my camera. I'm just gonna like snapping and pointing at what I think is gonna be a decent picture.


Doug Parsons  37:54

Yeah, video is king. I'm starting to learn editing, so I could do video podcasts. But I was just thinking, like how important it is. For video nowadays. It's like man video is king.


Cullen Boswell  38:08

Yeah, people people love the video. And then just like figuring out all the coloring and stuff like color grading takes forever and then like trying to come up with something unique that you haven't seen people do 100 times on Instagram and because now if you don't beat everyone to the punch Soviet 1000 edits of someone on Instagram before you even get your videos done. So yeah,


Doug Parsons  38:29

well your stuff looks killer. Every time I see it. It looks like it's getting better. And it looks like it has has like that cinematic look. So whatever you're doing, just keep going down that road. Yeah, I'm


Cullen Boswell  38:39

trying to learn. It's been a process, but I think I'm starting to figure it out a little bit.


Doug Parsons  38:44

Well, you eat sleep and breathe it and that's, that's what I always say. That's like, what helped me was thinking about it 24/7 looking for patterns with the guys that I'm looking up to like, can I Are they doing anything? Can I see like, where I can connect the dots and be like, Oh, well, when he said this, that's what it means or you've got that, that focus where you're just like you're always looking for the opportunity or the new little technique that's gonna make you better.


Cullen Boswell  39:16

Yeah, I've been I've been trying even at a one I was like googling stuff and YouTubing how to do certain things like on the go just trying to figure stuff out while I'm sitting in the stands or whatever, but I'm starting to get it even even doing stuff on the spot like I was trying to give him some of the content like in the trailer and then I guess having everyone in a one like in a stadium demolished my reception. So like my phone would say I had three bars but nothing would happen. And so like I was trying to like AirDrop stuff and he just wouldn't go through and I was getting so like flustered but I think I worked out the king so come San Diego be able to get all that stuff to work better.


Doug Parsons  39:52

Doesn't hood is it felt don't they have like Wi Fi for you guys that connect to you when you're down there?


Cullen Boswell  39:59

I think they do. If like their official media, like the dues are on, like all the Racer X guys and swap Moto and all those dudes have like a tent that they can run back and forth to. And they have all their stuff linked up


Doug Parsons  40:11

X Games, they give all the athletes the Wi Fi code, because they got Wi Fi stations all over the entire property. So that way you can always like take a picture and be able to upload it to the internet like right there. I would think that Feld would have that for you guys to the writers out in the pits so that way everyone can post and spread the content.


Cullen Boswell  40:35

Yeah, well, I wish they had something like that I got out could only post up if I went into the stadium like out in the pits. It was just not happening. So like just getting sucked. Yeah. So every time I'd have to go like out the qualifying or the light heat races, I would like try to post and share what I could at the time. And then when I went back to the pits, it was gone.


Doug Parsons  40:52

What do you use the color grade to use? Davinci? Are you using Premiere?


Cullen Boswell  40:57

Just do it all in? Final pro cut.


Doug Parsons  41:00

Oh, Final Cut?


Cullen Boswell  41:01

Yeah. Or Final Cut Pro, whichever one it is final pro cut Final Cut Pro. Yeah, I do it all in there. Yeah, I just based off my what I've seen videos of like styles of people I like and then try to match it the best way I could, because like cinematic cameras like those real real high end ones, they make pictures look a lot better, like softer looking. And mine looks so like rough around the edges. So like, I've tried to use some of the stuff like just to match it up to a cinematic camera, using the color grading so that way, it looks a little bit better.


Doug Parsons  41:35

There's so much crazy stuff. That's kind of like what I do with audios. When you want your file or whatever you're working on when you want it to sound like something sounds really good. It's called a reference track and you can load that track into the software. And then you can put yours in and you can match it up some of the software plugins that I have the AI will take over and just change it and make it sound like the reference track. It's pretty crazy. But yeah, there's this software stuffs nuts now what you can do?


Cullen Boswell  42:11

Yeah, bad. I wish there were somewhere I could just put a picture next to my picture. And just be like coffee that was


Doug Parsons  42:18

Well, I think you can do that in DaVinci. Um, I


Cullen Boswell  42:21

have to look into that one, then. Yeah,


Doug Parsons  42:23

and DaVinci is free. And then if you want to pay for the studio version, it's 200 bucks or 250 bucks, but it's a lifetime membership. But what they do is when you color grade in DaVinci, from some of the stuff I've seen is you can pick which camera you have. And it's got the settings. I don't know that much about it. But it automatically adjusts your photo based on your camera's settings and it like brings it a lot closer to where it should be. So I don't know maybe I don't know what that yeah, I don't know if that would if that would work for you or help you but I don't know I've been looking at a bunch of tutorials on Da Vinci and DaVinci Resolve and then premiere and stuff so yeah, crazy. Well, that's cool that you get to go to San Diego. Any predictions or you just focus in on your day


Cullen Boswell  43:19

says the rough part is like so I've been playing I have like a group that play fantasy with the like I don't get to see any other racing outside of like the 250 stuff. So like wage men and Surat we're in heat one and a light Anaheim. So I only saw heat one I didn't see Heat two, I could hear like stuff happening in the crowd from outside the stadium but missed all the racing. And then I saw the main but then missed the 450 mains. I was like trying to see it on the big screen from outside the stadium. And then I had to go back and watch it the next day on TV but probably say 450 wise, probably don't know that. So stacked. Right? I want to say Roxanne, we'll figure it back out and get back up front. But I feel like maybe Tom Mac has he maybe he'll have his breakout in San Diego and maybe on a long Tomek run, right? Her Anderson carries carries over the confidence from last night. Yeah, or barsha. Or maybe even. Yeah, even plus and go he may jump in the next probably web everyone's forgetting about web now in Java when Oh no. It's such a stat class. It's hard to even say.


Doug Parsons  44:30

And then for Angus is starting to figure it out like that. So that I was thinking I'm like, man, it's probably gonna be like last year where it's just a new winner almost every other weekend. It's like a new winner. I feel like that's gonna play out this year.


Cullen Boswell  44:44

Yeah, it's probably gonna be like halfway through the season or even longer before we have like a two time winner.


Doug Parsons  44:50

Yeah, it's cool when it's like that. I think Craig will probably come in feeling pretty good because it's his hometown. I think hunters figured out top three like he'll be second hamburgers doing pretty good too. Like it's fun watching him. He's a freshie. And he's up there just killing it.


Cullen Boswell  45:06

Yeah, he's still in the points talk. I don't think anyone had anything on him going into the season.


Doug Parsons  45:11

Yeah, it's gonna be good to watch man. Right on. Well, where can everyone follow you throughout your social and we'll send off on that


Cullen Boswell  45:20

on Instagram at the Moto lens. And then after this whole projects wrapped after supercross, there will be a whole posting about this whole deal with Team Solitaire about the nitty gritty of what's going on behind the scenes that will pose from all the West Coast rounds when it's all done.


Doug Parsons  45:38

Right on. That's cool. All right. Well, shoot, man. Good luck with everything and maybe let's do this again soon.


Cullen Boswell  45:46

All right. Sounds good. I appreciate it.


Doug Parsons  46:00

Thanks again, everyone for tuning in and listening. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did. Don't forget to send in your voice messages for the Ask Me Anything segment. Go to p 23 You clicked on the microphone button down in the bottom right hand corner of the page or read them back on the next episode. Or if I get enough entries, I'll cut them into their own show. Also, if you need help with a podcast or would like to start or you have just a simple question, email me at p point three And remember what you can't be, you must be thanks again everyone. Stay tuned for new episodes wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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Cullen is an aspiring photographer, mixing his love for motocross with his new passion for shooting pictures& video. He said: "It's about capturing that moment in time, freezing it forever." For only having a year of experience under his belt, he's off to an amazing start, his photos are some of the cleanest in AZ and if you ride Arizona Cycle Park, you no doubt have seen him trackside. Follow him on Instagram @themotolens to watch him on his new journey as his love for photography develops.